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Let's create your very own CARAMELISED ROASTED NUTS STAND.

Lily loves them, and she knows she’s not the only one. That’s why she’s putting the caramelised roasted nuts food bike at your disposal, to provide a tasting experience that lives up to your expectations.

The almond praline animation is well worth the detour. The warm, sweet aromas of these hand-crafted delicacies will fill the air, a clever way of getting into people’s minds and keeping them there.

The rustic, authentic charm of this almond praline stand is sure to impress your guests. And for lovers of sweet treats, it’s a unique opportunity to sample freshly prepared almond pralines on our caramelised roasted nuts cart.

Caramelised Roasted Nuts
Caramelised Roasted Nuts

Who doesn't love caramelised roasted nuts? Speak out or forever hold your peace!

From the design of the recipes to the choice of staff and the personalization of your caramelised roasted nuts cart, everything is designed to match your image and dazzle your guests.

And Lily knows what she’s talking about: thanks to her talents, she can propose several stands and spots depending on the number of guests, from 30 to 10,000 people, as she has done so well for years. And if required, the caramelised roasted nuts animation can even be offered in a variety of formats, including buffet-style.

Caramelised Roasted Nuts
Caramelised Roasted Nuts