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toffee apple stand hire in london

Let's create a toffee apple cart that reflects your unique style.

Surrounded by her team of foodies, our chef brings her expertise to make your event unforgettable.

Just its name takes us on a journey… A timeless classic at fairs and candy shops worldwide, the toffee apple is a simple, childlike joy: the tangy crunch of an apple combined with the indulgence of a crunchy coating.

And how can we talk about toffee apples without mentioning… love? The queen of confections is a delicious ode to the emotion itself, uniting apple and sugar in a marriage of sentimental and sensual symbolism. As the fruit of desire, it’s no wonder the candy apple has become the emblem of Valentine’s Day.

Toffee Apple
Toffee Apple

A toffee apple cart for everyone.

Although love may be blind, no one can resist the sight of Lily’s delicious toffee apples. Entirely customizable, your toffee apple car is designed to reflect your brand. Why not print your logo on a caramel or chocolate coating?

With her candy apple tricycle, Lily easily sets up at the heart of your events, attracting all the sweet tooths along the way.

Toffee Apple
Toffee Apple