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gingerbread stand hire in london

Let's create a gingerbread stand that reflects your unique style.

Customize your gingerbread stand to match the theme of your professional or private event for a unique experience. Lily’s team will be delighted to offer you various gingerbread recipes, from classic to original.

With her gingerbread cart, Lily brings a touch of authenticity and tradition to your event. Enchanting aromas will waft from the mobile kitchen, delighting everyone’s senses.


Bring the spirit of Christmas to your events with Lily's gingerbread animation

Offer your guests a truly original culinary experience with Lily’s gingerbread cart. This unique culinary experience is customizable to suit all types of professional or private events.

Shaped as little gingerbread men or any other form, branded with your company’s name and colors – anything is possible.

With her gingerbread cart, Lily’s team prepares fresh and flavorful gingerbread in front of your guests, infused with Christmas spices for a comforting and delightful tasting experience. It pairs perfectly with mulled wine or hot chocolate for the ultimate indulgence.